Products and Solutions

Evergreen-Maritime Fixing Marine Fendering Systems aim at providing the excellent fendering solution for the ship-to-port operation of harbours, inshore waterway, and coastal mooring.

Its wide fender range ensure the flexibility to meet the special requirements of each clients. With the excellent quality and technical superiority, Evergreen-Maritime has been the leading provide in China.

Tug & Workboat Fenders is one kind whole fendering system that are suitable for extreme condition.

>> Cylindrical Tug Fenders
Primary fendering fitted to the bow & sterm

>> Pushing Fenders
Providing large contact surface for hull pressures. W & M Fenders

>> Side Fenders
To protect the tugboat for side berthing. Extruded Rubber Fenders

Based on 30 years of production experience, Evergreen-Maritime Pneumatic Fenders developed the most successful fendering system approved by Lloyd’s comply with ISO17357:2002.

Based on advanced polymer technology, Evergreen-Maritime develop high-performance Foam Filled Fendering Solution.

The use of high quality materials and craftsmanship in combination with stringent quality control secures its leading position of the Floating Fendering System.


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