• Frontal Panel
    Frontal Panels (Frames) are used for Super Cell Rubber Fender, Super Cone Rubber Fender, π type and Leg Rubber Fenders and other type. It’s the necessary part of these whole fendering system. It's the necessary part of these fendering system. This frontal Panels are used to distribute the reaction forces from the rubber units into the ship's hull.
    UHMW-PE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) frontal Pad provide the higher abrasion resistance with low-friction properties, manufactured and machined in sizes to suit the steel frontal panel. They are fixed to the panel generally with Stainless Steel studs that are welded to the skin of the steel panel.
  • Chains & Accessories
    Super Cell, Super Cone, Π and Leg Rubber Fenders need the Chain System to support heavy components or to control how the fender deflects and shears during impact. Open link or stud link chains are commonly used and these can be supplied in several different strength grades. Compatible accessories like shackles, brackets and U-anchors are also available.
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