Rubber Properties

Rubber Properties

Evergreen-Maritime Marine Fenders SystemTM marine fenders are made using the high quality Natural Rubber or Synthetic rubber or a mixture of them. All the rubber properties meet or exceed the performance requirements of international fender recommendations, such as PIANC. These are reinforced with carbon black and resistant to aging, seawater, abrasion, and ultraviolet rays.

The tables below list usual physical properties for the fenders. All test results are from laboratory made and cured test pieces.

Physical Properties Test Standard Condition Value Unit
Tensile strength ISO 37;  ISO188 Original 16 Mpa
Aged for 96h at 70 80 %
Elongation at break ISO 37;  ISO188 Original 350 %
Aged for 96h at 70 20 %
Hardness ASTM D 2240 Original 78 Shore A
Aged for 96h at 70 ≤6 Shore A
Compression Set ISO 815 22h at  70 ≤30 %
Tear Resistance ISO 34-1;  Original 80 N/cm
Volume Change in oil ISO 1817 Original ≤10 %
Seawater Resistance ISO 1817 28 days at 95°C   %
Ozone Resistance ISO 1431-1 50pphm at 20% strain,
40°C, 100 hours
No cracks  
Abrasion Resistance ISO 4649 Original ≤100 mm3
Bond Strength ASTM D 429(B) Rubber to steel ≥7 N/mm
Dynamic Fatigue ASTM D 430-95(B) 15,000 cycles Grade 0-1  

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