Material Testing

  • Rubber Properties
    Evergreen-Maritime Marine Fenders are made using the high quality Natural Rubber or Synthetic rubber or a mixture of them. All the rubber properties meet or exceed the performance requirements of international fender recommendations, such as PIANC. These are reinforced with carbon black and resistant to aging, seawater, abrasion, and ultraviolet rays.
  • Pneumatic Fenders Properties
    Material Properties of outer and inner layer rubber and Synthetic-tyre-cord layer for Pneumatic Fenders comply with ISO17357:2002.
  • Performance Testing
    All Evergreen-Maritime Marine Fendering System committed to providing high quality products. All pneumatic fenders are tested comply with ISO17357:2002. And, all solid rubber fenders are tested comply with PIANC “Guidelines for the Design of Fenders Systems: 2002”. Constant Velocity (CV) Method and Decreasing Velocity (DV) Method are used for the relevant marine fenders.
  • Foam Fenders Properties
    The material of foam filled marine fenders as the domestic standard in the industry and meets the most stringent quality and performance demands providing tough heavy-duty fendering systems for harbor, offshore and ship-to-ship applications.
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