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Market Application

Market and Application

Evergreen-Maritime Marine Fendering System products are widely used by many projects in
China because of its excellent design and quality. Many key industry designers, contractors
and end-users appointed Evergreen-Maritime Marine Fendering Systems as the standard
design to issue the tender. With the development, Evergreen-Maritime Marine Fendering
Systems are slowly accepted by many foreign important projects. It also is considered the
first choice by many contractors.

Evergreen-Maritime Marine Fendering Systems is providing wider fendering solution for most
environment. The main application include:
General Cargo Vessel, Navigational Aids,Bridge
Protection and Guidewalls,Container, Coastline DefenceLocks and Drydocks, Bulk Cargo
Vessel, Floating Structures, LNG and Oil Terminals, Tugs and Workboat,  Navel Facilities,
Corner Protection, Monopiles and Dolphins, Wetland Structures, RoRo and Ferries, Cruise

To get more information, please contact with us by technical@evergreen-maritime.com.cn

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